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Tell the Idaho Fish and Game Commission: No Baiting Wolves


Gray wolf pc Sam Parks

We, the undersigned, strongly oppose the proposed new rule allowing the use of baiting to trophy hunt wolves in Idaho.

Baiting violates the fair chase standard of ethical hunting and gives unfair advantages to trophy hunters. While we understand the hunting of prey for food, the use of bait is unethical, unrepresentative of Idaho values and has no place on our public lands. The vast majority of Americans oppose any form of trophy hunting. Many other states like Colorado have banned baiting of any wildlife for good reason.

Baiting has severe negative consequences for people and ecosystems by:

  • concentrating animals and increasing the spread of disease;
  • habituating wolves to human sources of food and thus increasing the likelihood that people will conflict with wildlife;
  • endangering companion animals that may be attracted to bait sites where wolves are feeding.

Evidence-based decision-making about the wildlife, which is held in the public trust and occur mostly on our public lands, requires that we manage wildlife according to appropriate scientific and ethical principles. The only reason to allow baiting is to make it easier for trophy hunters to slaughter native carnivores and make money from the selling of wolf hunting permits. These reasons are rooted in greed and short-sightedness, not ecology or ethics.

For the long-term management of our public lands and the wildlife that thrive on them, please vote no on the proposed rule to allow wolf baiting in Idaho.

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