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Tell your New Mexico legislators to protect OUR public lands from cruel and dangerous traps!

New Mexicans need our elected officials to step up and ban trapping on our public lands. Enough is enough - our native wildlife, companion animals, and wondrous landscapes have suffered enough. Traps are cruel, indiscriminate, and archaic. The torture needs to stop. Support HB 366!

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Dear [Decision Maker],

Traps, including leg-hold traps, wire snares, and body-crushing devices, and poisons do not differentiate between species and pose an indiscriminate danger to all. Traps and poisons cause death and harm to many animals including bears, bobcats, foxes, endangered wolves, otters, and companion animals. The use of traps and poisons is inconsistent with "fair chase" principles of ethical hunting, and their usage depletes wildlife communities.

House Bill 366 would protect our pets, our public lands, and our native wildlife - I urge you to support this legislation and I stand ready to help you in this effort.

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