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Save Our Public Lands: Speak Out to Defend the Greater Carlsbad Caverns Region

Carlsbad field office

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management has proposed a new management plan for southeast New Mexico’s Greater Carlsbad Caverns region that unfortunately sells out our public lands, clean air and water, and climate.

Under a proposal out for comment right now, up to 97% of all public lands in the Carlsbad Field Office would be opened to fracking. Up to 50,000 acres could be sold outright. As proposed, the plan would sacrifice this amazing corner of New Mexico.

We need your help to push back. Send a letter today and join us in calling on the Bureau of Land Management to adopt a plan for the Carlsbad Field Office that establishes real balance and real protection for our public lands.

Photo Credit: U.S. Bureau of Land Management


  • U.S. Bureau of Land Management Carlsbad Field Office
  • Pecos District Manager Jim Stovall, BLM

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