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Defend Nevada's Ruby Mountains From Fracking

Nevada’s Ruby Mountains are in the crosshairs of the oil and gas industry. A mountain oasis in the Great Basin of Northern Nevada, the Ruby Mountains are the source of water for the Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge and sustain numerous imperiled fish and wildlife species.

There is absolutely no need to frack here, yet the Forest Service is considering opening up 54,000 acres of public lands to oil and gas leasing. Such a move would only fuel industry speculation and use our public lands to line the pockets of oil and gas companies.

WildEarth Guardians is stepping up to defend the Ruby Mountains and all of Nevada from fracking. We can win this, but we need your help. Speak out today and lend your voice in support.

Photo Credit: Trevor Bexon, Flickr


  • Chief, U.S. Forest Service, Vicki Christiansen
  • Supervisor, Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, Bill Dunkelberger
  • Jenna Padilla, U.S. Forest Service

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