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Defend Carlsbad Caverns From Fracking

The oil and gas industry and its cronies in the Trump Administration have demanded the U.S. Bureau of Land Management auction away 71,000 acres of our public lands in New Mexico for fracking. These include lands less than a mile away from Carlsbad Caverns National Park, a national geologic treasure that last year saw 520,000 visitors.

Fracking has already laid siege to southeastern New Mexico, where companies like Exxon are turning the region’s public lands into barren fossil fuel wastelands. The industry itself reports more than 3 spills daily in New Mexico, most in the southeast.

Speak out against this heinous proposal to sacrifice our public lands to the oil and gas industry. Speak out for our Parks and Monuments everywhere, our climate, and our clean air and water!


  • Bob Ballard, BLM
  • BLM New Mexico
  • New Mexico State Director Aden Seidlitz, BLM
  • Pecos District Manager Jim Stovall, BLM

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