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Tell Tri-State it's Time for Clean Energy

Tri-State Generation and Transmission provides power to 43 member electric cooperatives in Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico, and Wyoming. Unfortunately, most of the power provided to its members comes from coal-fired power plants. Not only is coal-fired electricity dirty and destructive to the climate, it’s increasingly costly. If you’re a member of a cooperative that’s powered by Tri-State, now is your chance to push back and demand that Tri-State provide clean and affordable renewable energy. Sign the petition today and send the message to Tri-State that it’s time to change.

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Tri-State’s executives make an average of nearly $700,000 a year. It’s unconscionable that rural communities are paying high electricity rates to cover this exorbitant compensation.

Read this recent report about how Tri-State’s policies are especially stymying renewable energy development in Colorado.

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  • Tri-State Generation and Transmission Board of Directors
  • Mike McInnes, CEO, Tri-State Generation and Transmission

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