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Greater Chaco is Not For Sale

In spite of pleas from Indigenous leaders and communities, President Trump and Interior Secretary Zinke are pressing ahead to auction off 4,500 acres of the Greater Chaco region for fracking in March 2018. These are sacred lands, plain and simple. Their great houses, kivas, and ancient roads represent centuries of cultural history; moreover, according to archaeologists, there may still be many artifacts left to discover. These lands also remain a place of deep ancestral and spiritual connection for Tribes in the area. Send a letter today telling the Bureau of Land Management that our public lands and cultural heritage are not for sale.

Photo Credit: WildEarth Guardians


  • Mark Ames, BLM
  • Victoria Barr, BLM
  • New Mexico State Director Aden Seidlitz, BLM
  • Julianne Serrano, BLM

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