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Defend Our Public Lands from Trump Fracking Giveaways

Oil and Gas Flaring-Credit Billings Gazette

photo: Billings Gazette

On behalf of oil and gas companies, Trump and Zinke are giving away our public lands at a furious pace. Now the two are moving to auction off 98,000 acres of Montana and 2,100 acres of New Mexico for fracking. 

Speak out and defend our public lands from fracking. Tell President Trump and his Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke that that the American people come before the profits of the fossil fuel industry.

Send a letter today, join us in defending our public lands and our climate.


  • U.S. Bureau of Land Management, Montana State Office
  • U.S. Bureau of Land Management, New Mexico State Office
  • Pecos District Manager Jim Stovall, BLM
  • U.S. Bureau of Land Management, Montana Todd Yeager


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Cancel December 2017 Oil and Gas Leasing Proposals

Dear [Decision Maker],

President Trump's scheme to hand over our public lands to the oil and gas industry is nothing but an attempt to throw Americans under the bus for the profits of the fossil fuel industry.

In light of this, I am writing to voice my opposition to your plans to auction off public lands in New Mexico and Montana to oil and gas companies.

At a time when our nation needs you to protect our climate, we can hardly afford to hand over public lands for fracking. It is shameful that the demands of the fossil fuel industry are trumping the needs of the American public.

Yours and President Trump's schemes to give away oil and gas leases in Montana and New Mexico in December promises a flood of air pollution, water contamination, and lost public lands.

Worse, they promise only to fuel global warming, unleashing more carbon pollution and preventing us from moving away from reliance upon fossil fuels.

Our public lands, our climate, and our future are more important than the profits of the fossil fuel industry. Put the American public first and help advance real energy independence, cancel your leasing plans.

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