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Restore Tongass protections, preserve the Roadless Rule

The Tongass National Forest is one of the largest intact temperate rainforests on Earth and a critical tool in our nation’s fight against climate change. Unfortunately, the Trump administration stripped roadless area protections for over 9 million acres of the Tongassopening the door for old-growth logging and roadbuilding.

Restoring roadless protections removed by Trump and going even further to end large-scale old-growth logging will help reestablish the Tongass as one of our most important natural solutions in the climate fight.

It’s up to us to see this across the finish line and ensure roadless forests are once again protected. Tell the U.S. Forest Service that you support President Biden’s Southeast Alaska Sustainable Strategy to restore Roadless Rule protections on the Tongass, end old-growth logging on the forest, and invest in Tribal priorities and community-led partnerships in Southeast Alaska.

Photo Credit: Howie Garber


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