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Tell President Biden: Restore protections for clean water

It’s no secret that the Trump administration worked tirelessly to chip away at America’s essential clean water protections at the behest of corporate polluters, Big Ag interests, and developers. The most egregious clean water rollback was dubbed the Dirty Water Rule.

The Biden administration has committed to rewrite this rule, but in the meantime, 60 percent of waterways across the country remain unprotected and vulnerable. In the desert Southwest, over 90 percent of rivers and streams are currently without federal clean water safeguards.

Without clean water there is no life, so ask President Biden to vacate Trump’s rule and restore clean water protections while a new rule is being developed. To have the biggest impact, please personalize your letter. For tips, check out this blog post.

Photo Credit: Jen Pelz


  • President Joseph 'Joe' R. Biden

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