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Tell the Bureau of Land Management to stop a new highway through Red Cliffs National Conservation Area

In the last days of the Trump administration, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) signed off on a proposal from the Utah Department of Transportation to build a new four-lane highway through the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area in southwest Utah.

The Red Cliffs are a stronghold for the Mojave Desert tortoise, and the last thing the threatened species needs is a new highway running through the northeastern-most extent of its range. Guardians has sued to get BLM’s approval overthrown, but BLM can act on its own and withdraw the public land right of way for the highway.

Construction hasn’t started, so time is of the essence. Please speak out and urge BLM Deputy Director Nada Culver to revoke BLM’s approval of the Northern Corridor Highway.

Photo Credit: Steve Horne


  • Nada Culver, Deputy Director of Policy and Programs, Bureau of Land Management

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