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Tell the Rio Grande's top water bosses that it's time to Rethink Rivers

The Rio Grande is the lifeblood of the desert Southwest. This iconic river supports both people and wildlife from Colorado’s Rocky Mountains to the Gulf of Mexico.

Climate change is drastically reducing flows in the Rio Grande. The warming climate combined with outdated allocation agreements, like the Rio Grande Compact, threaten the sustainability and very existence of a living river for present and future generations.

Use your voice today to tell the Rio Grande Compact Commission that it is past time to rethink rivers. The solutions of the past will not work going forward due to climate change and we need their help in charting a new course for the Rio. Take action to help ensure the Rio Grande and its communities continue to thrive.


Photo Credit: Jen Pelz


  • Commissioner for New Mexico John D'Antonio
  • Commissioner for Texas Patrick R. Gordon
  • Commissioner for Colorado Kevin Rein
  • Rio Grande Compact Commissioner Chairman Hal Simpson

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