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Tell Congress to chart a new course for western rivers by funding critical science and monitoring

In honor of International Day of Action for Rivers, we ask you to sign our petition—and personalize the letter—calling on Congress to fund sound science to support a new path forward to protect and restore living rivers like the Rio Grande and Willamette River.

Important foundational information based on science is key to charting a new course for these embattled rivers. Funding thoughtful scientific studies now will create a road map to ensure water is available for the health of these rivers as well as the plants, wildlife, and human communities that depend on them in the future.

We need your voice to ensure that salmon and steelhead continue to journey up and down the Willamette River in the Pacific Northwest and that silvery minnow thrive in a dynamic Rio Grande that serves as the lifeblood of the desert Southwest.

Photo Credit: Adriel Heisey


  • Chair, Senate Appropriations Committee
  • Vice Chair, Senate Appropriations Committee

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