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Oil trains don't belong in the Rocky Mountains

A proposal to resuscitate an abandoned rail line in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains could open the door for oil train traffic, threatening the region’s air, water, wilderness, our climate, and more.

For 25 years, the rail over Tennessee Pass and down the Arkansas River Valley has been silent due to derailments and other difficulties. Now, in filings with the U.S. Surface Transportation Board, a company wants to resume operations on this 163-mile line. The company behind these plans is the same company pushing to build a new railroad to haul crude oil out of Utah. There’s every reason to believe the two proposals are related.

More oil trains means more environmental contamination and climate destruction. We can’t let the door open for this disaster. Sign the petition, join us in speaking out!

Photo Credit: Bruce Fingerhood


  • Cynthia Brown, Chief, Section of Administration, Surface Transportation Board
  • U.S. Surface Transportation Board

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