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Speak Up for Wolves on National Forests

With commercial livestock grazing permitted on over 102 million acres of the 193 million acres within National Forest System lands, the time has come for U.S. Forest Service grazing policy reform and for the agency to require wildlife coexistence policies on national forests to end the livestock industry’s war on wolves and other native wildlife. Join Guardians in telling the Forest Service that it’s time to adopt a mandate of wildlife coexistence.


  • Regional Forester, Region 1 Leanne Marten
  • Regional Forester, Region 2 Brian Ferebee
  • Regional Forester, Region 3 Sandy Watts
  • Regional Forester, Region 4 Nora Rasure
  • Regional Forester, Region 5 Randy Moore
  • Regional Forester, Region 6 Glenn Casamassa
  • Forest Supervisor, Colville National Forest Rodney Smoldon

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